3 min. walk from Yotsuya Station
Taverns affiliated with the hotel
Restaurant "Genya"
The restaurant boasts charcoal-grilled dishes, seafood dishes, and sake from various regions of Japan.
It is located on the first floor of the hotel.
Special discount coupon service at "Genya" for hotel guests
meal ticket
1,000 yen
presentation (e.g. of a gift)

If you wish to use the room, please ask at the front desk of the hotel.

All for good fish!
Yotsuya's history, all over a charcoal fire!

All for good fish! More fish for more fish!
The fish that we go to Toyosu Market every morning and purchase by sight is different!
When it comes to fish in Yotsuya, "Genya" is the place to go! We have been preserving the history and taste of our restaurant, which started from "Shoheikan", a ryokan that has taken root in the local area since the Taisho Era (1912-1926)!
Our restaurant is available for a wide range of customers, from small groups of friends and family on a date to groups for a launch party or a welcome and send-off party.


Genya" Official Website


Every day! From Toyosu! Stocking up!

Minaya ✖️ Shofukumaru ✖️ Shiba Sen

The best tuna from Japan's most powerful tuna boat, Shofuku Maru, served at Genya!
Natural Tuna Deliciousness! Buy one from the shipowner!
The taste of freshly caught tuna for everyone!
Please try it!

And more! The male conger eel at the Toyosu market! Shibasen's conger eel!

All for the sake of good fish! I'll do my best!
Taste of Ryokan! Please enjoy the

We also have a great selection of recommended Sake!

In a furnace built at the entrance, ingredients directly from the production area are cooked using binchotan charcoal.

The fresh fish in the fish market are freshly caught and shipped directly from the market every day.

We hope you will enjoy our carefully selected ingredients.

We also recommend a sake with a single sip to accompany it.